kodak portra

Jessie & John

Jessie's father said a few words at the reception. He mentioned that after Jessie came home and talked about John he asked what made him so different. Jessie replied, "because he makes me feel like I'm special." Jessie is a special, wonderful woman and it makes me so happy to have documented their wedding. :)

January at a glance...

I can't believe that one month of the new year is already gone! It's been kind of a busy month. I tried a couple of new (to me) film stocks, Agfa Vista and Fuji Natura. I was impressed with both of them and will use them again in the future! Ella and I both celebrated birthdays. It's still hard for me to grasp that she is two already?! She's been on a Winnie the Pooh kick lately so we had a Pooh party. ;) Maggie was excited to have a snow day a couple of weeks ago and the girls enjoyed playing outside. January was a good month...bring on February! :)

My baby is 15 months?!

Gah! I wish mom's had a pause button to use on their kids, time goes by too fast! My sweet little Ella turned 15 months on April 13th and I took a few pictures of her. I wanted these to be more candid and show a bit of her daily routine and some of her favorite things. All shot on kodak portra film and developed/scanned by Richard Photo Lab.