lifestyle photography

The Bell Family

I’ve been photographing the Bell family for the last three years. I always enjoy seeing them and chasing their sweet identical triplets around, they just turned three. Yes, I said triplets…and identical. Luckily for me Malorie dresses them in different color dresses to help me tell them apart. ;) Malorie also has a handsome son AND she is expecting baby number 5. I can’t wait to meet the new little mister when he arrives in December.

The Graves Family

The Graves family contacted me and wanted to do some photos around their home and neighborhood. They've lived there for nearly 5 years but will be moving at the end of the year. They wanted to capture pics of them hanging out on their front porch, swinging in the porch swing and walking around the block. I love capturing families in their element, at home. :)

Baby Eli

I photographed Missy and Mike's engagement session and their wedding a couple of years ago. It's always such a blessing to me to watch couples grow and start their families and I'm so honored when they have me at each milestone event. Sweet little Eli is so precious, and soon he will become a world traveler; Missy and Mike are moving to Indonesia to become missionaries for two years! Best wishes Towers family! :)


Daniel is ONE!

It seems like it was just a short time ago that I photographed Daniel's newborn session, and here it is one year later! My oh my how he's changed! He loves chasing around his older brothers and sister, loves to eat cheerios, likes his choo choo book and loves his mommy and daddy...and he gives a good stink eye to photographers who get in his way. ;)


The Hinderer Family / St. Louis Family Photographer

I don't even remember who liked who's photo first or who friended who first, but Lindsey and I met on social media (more than likely it was Instagram). We knew that we were both living in St. Louis but had never actually met...until recently. A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing Lindsey's adorable family. I was a nervous wreck because A) Lindsey is an amazing photographer herself and B) I put the digital camera aside and shot this session entirely on film. Oye, the pressure. ;)  Lindsey is fabulous and her family is so cute I can hardly stand it. I'm so thankful that we finally met and grateful that they allowed me into their home to document their afternoon. Thank you Lindsey! :) (shot on kodak film developed & scanned by Richard Photo Lab)