lifestyle session

The Graves Family

The Graves family contacted me and wanted to do some photos around their home and neighborhood. They've lived there for nearly 5 years but will be moving at the end of the year. They wanted to capture pics of them hanging out on their front porch, swinging in the porch swing and walking around the block. I love capturing families in their element, at home. :)

Baby Eli

I photographed Missy and Mike's engagement session and their wedding a couple of years ago. It's always such a blessing to me to watch couples grow and start their families and I'm so honored when they have me at each milestone event. Sweet little Eli is so precious, and soon he will become a world traveler; Missy and Mike are moving to Indonesia to become missionaries for two years! Best wishes Towers family! :)


The Schweiss Family

I had the privilege of photographing this sweet little family last weekend. Ruthie is the cutest little girl, 13 months old and on a mission! There was no slowing down, unless she was stopping to pick another dandelion. ;)

The Hinderer Family / St. Louis Family Photographer

I don't even remember who liked who's photo first or who friended who first, but Lindsey and I met on social media (more than likely it was Instagram). We knew that we were both living in St. Louis but had never actually met...until recently. A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing Lindsey's adorable family. I was a nervous wreck because A) Lindsey is an amazing photographer herself and B) I put the digital camera aside and shot this session entirely on film. Oye, the pressure. ;)  Lindsey is fabulous and her family is so cute I can hardly stand it. I'm so thankful that we finally met and grateful that they allowed me into their home to document their afternoon. Thank you Lindsey! :) (shot on kodak film developed & scanned by Richard Photo Lab)

Brooks is 6 months / St. Louis Lifestyle Photographer

Brooks recently celebrated his half birthday and I was lucky enough to spend some time with him capturing some of his favorite activities. At six months Brooks enjoys daily reading time with his mom and dad, tummy time with his toys and being introduced to a world of wonderful food! Thank you Brooks for letting me take your pictures, I look forward to seeing you in 3 more months! :)

Baby G / St. Louis Newborn Session

I photographed Alison and Clay's engagement session nearly four years ago. I was so excited to hear they were expecting and was even more excited when they asked if I would take photos for them. It always warms my heart to have repeat clients and see them evolve from engagement to wedding to baby. I'm so grateful to be a part of these momentous occasions and happy to document it all. Thank you. :)

Film Workshop

Earlier this month I attended the Yan Fam Way photography workshop. I like to attend workshops at least once a year just to stay inspired and hopefully learn something new. I have been pushing myself to shoot more film and I am in love with it. I've been shooting mostly film for my personal work and I'm just starting to incorporate film into my professional work. I attended this workshop because I wanted to be more comfortable shooting film AND learn more about why I shoot. I am a photographer because I love to document and preserve pieces of history. I have a degree in history so it only seems fitting right? ;) I mean, think back twenty years ago and try remembering everything that happened. Sometimes its difficult to remember every little detail, unless you have pictures. Pictures preserve our moments, our milestones, our memories. Whether I'm shooting a wedding, an engagement, a family or a child I always shoot from the heart and think about how these photos will be cherished down the road. This workshop taught me to be myself, shoot for myself and not be worried about having my photos look like everyone else. This session was more about capturing this family as there are everyday, focusing on the little moments that are often overlooked. More of a "lazy Sunday" feel where everyone was relaxed and at ease. Enjoy! All images shot on Fuji/Kodak film and developed/scanned at Richard Photo Lab.

Miss Delaney / 9 month old session

Last week I went out to visit Miss Delaney. She is 9 months old and not slowing down one bit. She is a very active little girl and we decided to capture her in her element and doing what she does on a daily basis. At 9 months old she enjoys crawling everywhere, reading books, playing with tickle me Elmo and eating snacks! :)

Brooks is 3 months old!

This sweet little guy turned 3 months old last week. His mom and dad wanted to do something different than a regular "posed" session. They wanted to capture their everyday life together and what they normally do. This was a super fun session and I hope to do more lifestyle sessions. This is how you really want to remember your babies because its often these little everyday moments that we forget. :)