Maggie & Brent

I met with Maggie and Brent on a very windy morning for their engagement session. It seemed every time I tried to get the shot a big gust of wind would stir up and Maggie's hair would fly around! Ha. Maggie and Brent, thank you for driving down and for putting up with my crazy ideas, looking forward to your wedding next June!


Amy & Caleb

When I met with Amy and Caleb to discuss their wedding she mentioned that she wanted to do their engagement pics in their hometown, the same town where their wedding would take place.  You guys, this town (Maeystown, IL) is quite possibly one of the cutest little towns I've ever been to! It's like the town that time forgot and I mean that in the best possible way. No walmart, no chain restaurants, no traffic lights, there isn't even a gas station. It's so quite and peaceful. It was the perfect place for pictures! I'm looking forward to their wedding next month. :)

Natasha & Kerry / St. Louis Engagement Session

It's been an usually warm December, yet the day we shot these photos ended up being the coldest of the season. Go figure. I gotta hand it to Natasha though, she rocked that dress and didn't flinch at all. Looking at those pics you'd never guess it was 37 degrees!? Thank you guys so much, I'm excited for your May 2016 wedding. :)

Jen & Phil / St. Louis Engagement Session

Jen & Phil met through mutual friends and knew instantly there was a special chemistry. It's easy to see how happy they make each other, their smiles are contagious. Jen & Phil, thanks for meeting me and being ok with all my crazy ideas. Looking forward to your October wedding! :)