St. Louis family photographer

Daniel is ONE!

It seems like it was just a short time ago that I photographed Daniel's newborn session, and here it is one year later! My oh my how he's changed! He loves chasing around his older brothers and sister, loves to eat cheerios, likes his choo choo book and loves his mommy and daddy...and he gives a good stink eye to photographers who get in his way. ;)


The Hinderer Family

When I photograph families my overall goal is to capture love. As cheesy as that may sound, its true. I'm not focusing on having everyone look at the camera, I'd rather capture the connection they share with each other...which also brings out natural smiles, happiness and joy. Its my goal to capture families as they are, in whatever season of life they are in...even the crazy toddler moments when it feels like total chaos! These are the memories that will bring a smile to your face twenty years down the road. I love this family session. Such a fun family full of love and happiness...and craziness with two small boys. :)


The Cole Family / St. Louis Family Photographer

It's said that families who play together, stay this case it's families who play guitar together stay together! Grant plays guitar and Brooks loves to hear is Daddy play. He loves it so much that he always try to "help" and they ended up buying him his own guitar. :)


Ashley & Lilly / St. Louis Family Photographer

"There will be so many times you feel like you’ve failed. But in the eyes, heart, and mind of your child you are Super Mom." - anonymous

I love this quote because as a mother I know the struggle is real. The struggle to try and do it all, the struggle for pinterest worthy meals, the struggle to be perfect. The thing is, our kids don't care about all of that and they love us no matter what. To them, we are perfect. Ashley and Lilly are mother and daughter...and best friends. Lilly loves her mama to the moon and back and to her...Ashley is super mom. Thanks ladies for a beautiful session! :)


The Ebeler Family / St. Louis Family Session

Jessica is a fellow photographer. We've both taken a few of the same workshops but have never attended together. We've chatted in facebook groups and became facebook friends, but had never met in person. I was thrilled, and a little nervous, when Jessica contacted me about taking some photos of her family. It's always a little scary photographing another photographer. Like she'll totally call me out and tell me I have no idea what I'm doing. Ha. ;) She didn't say that and the session went well. I love the laid back natural feel of these photos and they totally show the love and playfulness this family shares. Thank you Jessica! - A :)

The Owler Family

The Owler family contacted me a few weeks ago and said that they were interested in a large family session. The grandparents live in St. Louis but the rest of the kids/grand kids live out of state. They were all going to be in town over Memorial Day weekend and wanted to have pictures done, especially since there were a couple of new family members! I'm happy to have captured such sweet memories for this beautiful family and hope they cherish these photos for years to come. Thank you! :)

Miss Delaney / 9 month old session

Last week I went out to visit Miss Delaney. She is 9 months old and not slowing down one bit. She is a very active little girl and we decided to capture her in her element and doing what she does on a daily basis. At 9 months old she enjoys crawling everywhere, reading books, playing with tickle me Elmo and eating snacks! :)

Brooks is 3 months old!

This sweet little guy turned 3 months old last week. His mom and dad wanted to do something different than a regular "posed" session. They wanted to capture their everyday life together and what they normally do. This was a super fun session and I hope to do more lifestyle sessions. This is how you really want to remember your babies because its often these little everyday moments that we forget. :)