portra 400

The Hinderer Family

When I photograph families my overall goal is to capture love. As cheesy as that may sound, its true. I'm not focusing on having everyone look at the camera, I'd rather capture the connection they share with each other...which also brings out natural smiles, happiness and joy. Its my goal to capture families as they are, in whatever season of life they are in...even the crazy toddler moments when it feels like total chaos! These are the memories that will bring a smile to your face twenty years down the road. I love this family session. Such a fun family full of love and happiness...and craziness with two small boys. :)


The Graves Family

I've been photographing this family since their engagement session! It's always a blessing to me to watch families grow and to be asked again and again to photograph their special moments! :)


Callie & Ryan

I met Callie five years ago when I photographed her sister Chelsea's wedding. I was thrilled when Callie called and told me that she was engaged and wanted me as her wedding photographer too! Callie and Ryan could not have asked for a better day, it was gorgeous! Thank you so much for having me photograph your wedding, it was an honor to see your family again! I hope you had an amazing time in Jamaica. Thank you! - A :)


The Ebeler Family / St. Louis Family Session

Jessica is a fellow photographer. We've both taken a few of the same workshops but have never attended together. We've chatted in facebook groups and became facebook friends, but had never met in person. I was thrilled, and a little nervous, when Jessica contacted me about taking some photos of her family. It's always a little scary photographing another photographer. Like she'll totally call me out and tell me I have no idea what I'm doing. Ha. ;) She didn't say that and the session went well. I love the laid back natural feel of these photos and they totally show the love and playfulness this family shares. Thank you Jessica! - A :)

My baby is 15 months?!

Gah! I wish mom's had a pause button to use on their kids, time goes by too fast! My sweet little Ella turned 15 months on April 13th and I took a few pictures of her. I wanted these to be more candid and show a bit of her daily routine and some of her favorite things. All shot on kodak portra film and developed/scanned by Richard Photo Lab.