one family one roll

Fall Mini Sessions

 A couple of weeks ago I hosted Fall mini sessions at Lafayette park. I'm so grateful for all of the families that came out, especially the families that continue to support my business time and time again. THANK YOU!! :)

The Cole Family / St. Louis Family Photographer

It's said that families who play together, stay this case it's families who play guitar together stay together! Grant plays guitar and Brooks loves to hear is Daddy play. He loves it so much that he always try to "help" and they ended up buying him his own guitar. :)


Ashley & Lilly / St. Louis Family Photographer

"There will be so many times you feel like you’ve failed. But in the eyes, heart, and mind of your child you are Super Mom." - anonymous

I love this quote because as a mother I know the struggle is real. The struggle to try and do it all, the struggle for pinterest worthy meals, the struggle to be perfect. The thing is, our kids don't care about all of that and they love us no matter what. To them, we are perfect. Ashley and Lilly are mother and daughter...and best friends. Lilly loves her mama to the moon and back and to her...Ashley is super mom. Thanks ladies for a beautiful session! :)


The Ebeler Family / St. Louis Family Session

Jessica is a fellow photographer. We've both taken a few of the same workshops but have never attended together. We've chatted in facebook groups and became facebook friends, but had never met in person. I was thrilled, and a little nervous, when Jessica contacted me about taking some photos of her family. It's always a little scary photographing another photographer. Like she'll totally call me out and tell me I have no idea what I'm doing. Ha. ;) She didn't say that and the session went well. I love the laid back natural feel of these photos and they totally show the love and playfulness this family shares. Thank you Jessica! - A :)

The Spellazza Family / Faust Park Family Session

Lara and Brian were married almost four years ago and I was honored to have been their photographer. I was excited when they contacted me about a family session because I hadn't seen them in four years and hadn't met Miss. Mila. Oh my goodness...Miss Mila. She reminds me SO much of my little Ella, so stoic and serious and not at all amused by my silly antics! ;) Lara and Brian it was so good to see you all again, your girls are beautiful! Thank you so much. - A :)