Film Workshop

Earlier this month I attended the Yan Fam Way photography workshop. I like to attend workshops at least once a year just to stay inspired and hopefully learn something new. I have been pushing myself to shoot more film and I am in love with it. I've been shooting mostly film for my personal work and I'm just starting to incorporate film into my professional work. I attended this workshop because I wanted to be more comfortable shooting film AND learn more about why I shoot. I am a photographer because I love to document and preserve pieces of history. I have a degree in history so it only seems fitting right? ;) I mean, think back twenty years ago and try remembering everything that happened. Sometimes its difficult to remember every little detail, unless you have pictures. Pictures preserve our moments, our milestones, our memories. Whether I'm shooting a wedding, an engagement, a family or a child I always shoot from the heart and think about how these photos will be cherished down the road. This workshop taught me to be myself, shoot for myself and not be worried about having my photos look like everyone else. This session was more about capturing this family as there are everyday, focusing on the little moments that are often overlooked. More of a "lazy Sunday" feel where everyone was relaxed and at ease. Enjoy! All images shot on Fuji/Kodak film and developed/scanned at Richard Photo Lab.